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Hi, I’m Sue Mackenzie, owner of Fitness Meets Wellness (aka FMW), a boutique fitness studio in Westborough, Ma.

My passion (and mission) is to help people of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels reach their fitness and wellness goals.

Depending on those goals, you may be interested in one or more of our small group fitness programs. Or you may prefer semi-private or one-on-one personal training.

If you want to just come to the studio to stretch, I also offer a guided stretching program called Simply Stretch.

Our group training programs are intentionally small. We offer a variety of fun, but intense, programs during the year.

In the ten years since I opened my studio open in Westborough, I’ve worked with experienced athletes, people with special needs such as, post-physical therapy patients, people with back pain and muscle/joint stiffness, and those who just want to get into better shape.

Everyone has questions when they’re thinking about a new fitness approach. I’m happy to answer those questions by phone, email, or in person.

If you want to know about my upcoming programs, sign up for my newsletter, which I send out a few times a year.

Questions? Feel free to contact me by email or call me at (508) 366-8700

I work with my clients in different ways, depending on their needs and goals.

Best exercise class I have ever attended! Sue is a compassionate instructor and gives individualized attention to her clients.  Beth K., FMW Client.

New and Upcoming Programs

During the year, I introduce new fitness programs so my clients have access to a wide range of programs. Here are two of the programs I’m currently running.

sue mackenzie, personal training, westborough
sue mackenzie, personal training, westborough

Simply Stretch

Sometimes, you need to simply stretch. No strength training or cardio. Just a stretch.

I’ve designed a one-on-one stretching program that can help you recover from injury and muscle soreness, improve your range of motion, and leave you feeling renewed.

Learn more.

sue mackenzie, personal training, westborough Ma

After my first Mindful Stretch Class, I had the best night’s sleep in a very long time! Diane, FMW Client

Grab a Free Sample Workout

Having an organized and well-designed workout leads to better results. Download this sample workout to use as part of your workouts. This is a flexible workout that you can modify to be a beginning workout or an advanced one. Remember, consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other fitness activity.

personal training, westborough MA, sue mackenzie

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