Simply Stretch

sue mackenzie, personal training westborough ma, fitness meets wellness, simply stretchIf you’ve been in a fitness club, you’ve probably noticed people “stretching” before working out.

Usually, that stretching includes a few, quick toe touches and maybe a runner’s stretch. Then, it’s off to their workouts.

I get it. People are in a hurry to get their workouts going, so they stretch quickly (if at all).

Over time, we’ve come to learn how ineffective that approach to stretching is.

Stretching our muscles and tendons shouldn’t be an afterthought, but an important part of our daily routines.


Because most people experience shortened and/or tight muscles from sitting at work, improper posture, or even working out.

Those shortened and tight muscles cause an imbalance in your body, which can lead to limited range of motion in places like your hips, shoulders, back, and neck. That tightness shows up as things like a sore lower back and tight neck muscles.

Stretching can help.

Plus, stretching your muscles and tendons just feels good. After a full body stretch, I always feel relaxed, calm, and centered.

That’s why stretching is so important and why I offer a range of options for you to experience the benefits of full body stretching.

Simply Stretch is my comprehensive approach to helping you enjoy the benefits of stretching. I offer group stretch classes and one-on-one sessions.

I’ve designed a series of programs for stretching, but everyone has different needs and objectives. So, we’ll work together to decide what is the best approach for you.

Among the one-on-one programs I’m offering are:

All About You

Sometimes, we just need (or want) a relaxing, tension-relieving, full body stretch.

In this session, we focus on helping you feel better, less stressed, and more balanced. Think of it as a spa day for your muscles and tendons.

I’ll guide you through a series of gentle stretches to help lengthen your muscles, increase blood flow to your muscles, and improve your range of motion.

An important part of our time together is to practice being mindful. My guided stretching approach will help grow your awareness of the mind/body connection, which helps you to stay in the moment, relax, and get the most out of every gentle stretch.

Even if you’re not a regular exerciser, you’ll love this indulgence.

Strength and Stretch Fusion

In this program, we combine a 30-minute strength training workout with a 30-minute one-on-one stretching session. We start this session with a warm-up and get straight to a high-energy, full body workout. Once we’ve done that, I’ll take you through a 30-minute, guided stretch.

We’ll cover each of the major muscles and tendons during the stretch and we’ll also focus on specific areas that may need a little more attention.

When you’re done, you’ll feel stronger, more flexible, and ready to take on your next workout (or anything else).

Sport-Specific Stretching

People who play sports, like golf, tennis, or running have specific areas of the body they rely on most to play their sport. I’ve designed a number of sport-specific programs to help my clients perform better and reduce the risk of injury.

Stretch for Golfers

Studies show that 53% of amateur golfers have sustained some sort of injury while playing golf.

Maintaining and improving your flexibility is an easy way to prevent the repetitive stress injuries (overuse) that golfers often experience.

Proper stretching keeps joints limber and helps to maintain an optimal range of motion which allows you to turn shoulders and hips during your backswing and follow through more easily.

If you’re a golfer, for example, improvements in the range of motion in your hips, shoulders, back and arms, may help you hit a golf bar further. If you’re a runner, a more flexible IT band (Iliotibial band) can help your running stride.

In these sessions, we’ll identify the golf-specific areas to target for your stretching. We’ll also do a full body stretch as part of every session.

Stretch for Runners

sue mackenzie, personal training westborough ma, fitness meets wellness, simply stretchRunners are susceptible to injuries that are often associated with tightness in muscles and tendons.

The areas of greatest concern for runners are usually their calves, achilles tendons, and IT bands. Tightness in these areas contributes to plantar fasciitis, calf muscle strains, and shin splints.

Stretching can play a positive role in the in the rehabilitation of many of these injuries. More importantly, stretching can help you prevent injuries in the first place.

Stretch for Tennis Players

sue mackenzie, personal training westborough ma, fitness meets wellness, simply stretchTennis is a demanding sport that requires high levels of cardiovascular endurance, agility, strength, and flexibility.

Ankle, knee, and back injuries are common among tennis players. Those injuries are caused by the sprinting, pivoting, and stop-start nature of playing tennis.

Elbow, shoulder, and wrist injuries are also common given the fast, repetitive motions needed to play tennis.

Incorporating a complete stretch regimen into your tennis routine can help to improve your

performance and reduce the risk of many common injuries.

Kids and Teens

Today, our kids and teens need stretching as much as the adults do.

I’ve designed a specific program for kids that will help them reduce the stress in their muscles and joints while helping them feel calm and centered.

I’ve worked with children for years and know that stretching and exercise works best with kids when they’re minds are also fully engaged with the program. I know that it’s essential to connect with each child, help them understand what they’re doing, and be sure they’re having some fun. That’s the best way to be sure they want to come back again.

Packages and Pricing

30 Minute Sessions
Single Session $45.00
3 Sessions $120.00
5 Sessions $200.00
10 Sessions $375.00
Monthly (For 6 Months) $240.00
Monthly (For 12 Months) $475.00
60 Minute Sessions
Single Session $70.00
3 Sessions $195.00
5 Sessions $325.00
10 Sessions $625.00
Monthly (For 6 Months) $350.00
Monthly (For 12 Months) $625.00
Strength and Stretch Fusion – 30-minute strength training and 30-minute stretch
Single Session $70.00
3 Sessions $195.00
5 Sessions $325.00
10 Sessions $625.00
Monthly (For 6 Months) $350.00
Monthly (For 12 Months) $675.00

Just wanted you to know that after my first Mindful Stretch Class, I had the best night’s sleep in a very long time!

Diane C., A Fitness Meets Wellness client

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program designed to help?

Anyone will benefit, whether you are a regular exerciser or not. You don’t need any prior experience to get benefits from this program. All you need to succeed in this program is an open mind and some comfortable clothes.

Are your stretching programs a standalone program or do I have to also sign up for personal training?

Simply Stretch is a standalone program. You can also sign up for personal training or group classes if you want, but it’s not required.

What type of stretching exercises are part of the program?

We do a full body stretch in each session, in addition to targeted stretching that focuses on the parts of your body that need more attention.

You can expect to do a range of relaxing stretches that could include standing stretches, seated stretches, and some floor work on a mat.

I draw from the full range of stretches, including dynamic, active, passive, and static stretching exercises. The specific stretches we do together will be determined by your needs. This is a customized program.

I don’t really know how to stretch properly. How do you help me learn the stretches?

I’ll be working with you to show you the moves and guide you every step of the way. For some stretches, I’ll be hands-on helping you achieve a complete and safe muscle stretch.

I’ll give you detailed instruction, so you can also do many of the stretches at home.

What if I can’t come to the studio, but I want to register for Simply Stretch?

We can accomplish much of the Simply Stretch program by Facetime or Skype. It’s also possible to combine in-studio sessions with Facetime or Skype sessions.

How often should I stretch?

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) reviewed a wide range of studies to help answer this question.  Based on their research, “healthy adults should do flexibility exercises for all major muscle-tendon groups — neck, shoulders, chest, trunk, lower back, hips, legs, and ankles — at least two to three times a week.”

I know that sounds like a lot. In our sessions, we can talk about an effective, ongoing stretching program for you that balances the need to stretch with your need to do everything else in your life.

Let’s Get Started

I’m happy to answer your questions about Simply Stretching or any of my other programs, so feel free to contact me. You can learn more about me and how I work with others by reading what my current clients say about me.