Give the gift of good health. Fitness Meets Wellness offers gift certificates for personal training packages, group classes, and seminars. Give a gift that will change someone’s life.

Gift certificates are available in any denomination. Choose any number of ways to give wellness to someone you care about. Email or call for more details (508) 366-8700.


Each of my gift specials includes everything a person needs to get a fitness program moving in the right direction. In addition to customized, personal training sessions, each person receives:

  • An initial consultation to define fitness program goals and the specific training program we’ll use.
  • Personalized nutrition tips.
  • Home exercise program suggestions to supplement the personal training sessions.
  • Weekly email reminders and exercise tips.

You can choose to make a gift of any denomination.


Why not give the gift of health to someone? Or, get it for yourself!

Email or call for more details (508) 366-8700.