Get on the Ball!

sue mackenzie westborough personal training virtual trainingI’ve got a great new Zoom program to help you stay on track with your fitness and have some fun.

The program is called Get on the Ball.

Maybe you have exercise balls at home and it’s boring to use them. I’ll show you interesting new ways to tone and condition your entire body using an exercise ball, a light set of hand weights, an exercise band and your body’s own resistance.

It’s a good idea to vary your workouts and that’s why I’m offering Get on the Ball now. You’ll have an opportunity to shake up your workout.

You will be sure to smile during this program.

Here’s a short video on using an exercise ball and how we’ll use it during our class.

The four-week Program (Offered using Zoom) starts this winter.

Join us and get on the ball!

I’m happy to answer your questions about this class, personal training or any of my other programs, so feel free to contact me.

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If this program isn’t right for you, we can find an alternative that works for you.

I also offer a range of programs, including small group personal training, group exercise classes, and individual personal training.

Email me to register.