Just Arms and Core (Encore)

Its looking like spring!

As we venture outside of our homes after what has been a very long year, let’s greet the spring season with a new feeling, a fresh start.

I’d like to invite you to join my new program for the spring, which is designed to strengthen for your arms and core.

This program, Arms and Core Encore has been popular in the past and now I’m adding some new elements to the program to keep it fresh.

Why is the core so important? How can I benefit from working on my core muscles?

The core not only helps with overall movement it is important for our overall strength.

The core protects our organs and central nervous system.

A strong core can alleviate back pain and improve posture.

A strong core is critical for stability and balance even with simple movements walking, running and daily activities.

Having a strong core is important for everyone not just athletes. we ALL need a strong core to get us through what ever we need to do on any given day.

Arms and Core Encore will incorporate exercises to strengthen the core (abdominals, legs, glutes, and back). We will also incorporate exercises for the arms with weights and bands.

At the end of each session, we’ll do four specific exercises, which are dedicated to one of my clients, who calls them “Four on the Floor for Your Core.”

She’s been doing these exercises with me for months and seen great results. I have seen a transformation in her abdominal and core muscles in general. She inspired me to add this to the Arms and Core Encore program.

I believe in these Pilates-inspired exercises and I hope you will too!

Each week we will cover exercises which will strengthen and tone our arms and core muscles. we will use free weights, bands, our own body weight and I’ll add a few surprises.

Here’s a hint. For the program, you’ll need a set of paper plates or disks and a dish towel.

Arms and Core Encore starts on Tuesday April 27 at 6:15pm and run for 6 weeks consecutively.

This is is a Zoom-based class and everyone is welcome.The cost for the 6 week program is  $125.00.To register, send me an email and I’ll hold a spot for you.

And, Maddy, the Honorary FMW Host for the session will also attend.

I’m happy to answer your questions about this class or any of my other programs, so don’t hesitate to send an email or contact me on Facebook or Instagram.

You can learn more about me and how I work with others by reading what my current clients say about me.

I hope you join us!