How to Succeed with Your Exercise Program

by Sue Mackenzie

It’s easy to think that you don’t have time for regular exercise.

You’ve got lots of other demands on your time, and squeezing in anything else sometimes seems impossible.

Here are a few tips that will help you find a way to start (and sustain) your exercise program.

1.    Change Your Mindset

We’ve all had the thought,  “I just don’t have time to exercise.”

I’ve been a personal trainer for years and that excuse still creeps into my head every now and again.

It’s easy to set ourselves up for failure because we falsely believe that we’ll need to devote endless hours sweating in a gym or at home to get the results we want.

You can be defeated before you even get started.

Here’s the truth about exercise. Doing a little exercise is better than doing nothing. So start with small, achievable goals.

Think of your fitness and wellness as a lifetime journey that starts with a simple step—getting started.

2.    Go for a Walk

Walking is one of the best and most inexpensive ways to get some cardiovascular exercise.  You can take a walk outside, or stay indoors if you have equipment, like a treadmill. Or, you can go to the local mall and walk there.

Start with a relaxed, 15-minute walk. As you get stronger, add 5 minutes to the time that you spend walking.  It’s an easy, effective exercise that you can do in almost any climate or at any time of the day.

3.    Add Some Resistance Training

Adding some resistance exercises, using light weights or bands, for example, is your next step.

You’ll find hundreds of exercises that you can do at home that are safe, easy, and highly effective. For many resistance exercises, you won’t need any equipment at all.

You’ll find that resistance training, like other forms of exercise, will jump-start your metabolism, give you a boost in energy, and make you feel great.

You’ll get the best results from resistance training if you’ve got a safe and effective routine.

It’s helpful to consult a trainer before you add resistance training to your workout. A trainer can help you design a routine, learn the exercises, and choose any equipment you may need.

4.    Be Safe

Before you launch into an exercise program, you’ll want to know the status of your health and any limitations you have. Be sure to talk to your doctor before you start. It’s the right step to help you prevent injury and to gain the full benefit of exercise.

Here’s something to keep in mind. Start your exercise program gradually. Just make a commitment to better health and make a little progress every day. That’s all it takes.

The world’s first fitness guru, Jack LaLanne, summed it up when he once said, “The only way you can hurt your body is if you don’t use it.”

If you want any help getting started with your exercise program, check out my fitness classes, personal training programs, or call for a consultation.