Senior Fitness Program Assessment

Senior Fitness Program Assessment

According to a 2011 study of 600 senior living organizations, health and wellness programs are among the top trends in senior living.

The survey predicts that the percentage of senior-living communities offering fitness facilities and programs will almost double in the next few years, from 40 to 78 percent.

With so many changes in the world of fitness and wellness, I’ve designed a program for managers in senior living facilities to review their health and wellness programs, with an eye to improving those programs for active seniors.

My goal is to help you create a safe, supportive, and targeted fitness program for your residents.

I help my clients by conducting an assessment of their fitness programs, which includes:

  • An overall review of the quality and scope of your fitness programs-Often, fitness centers in assisted living facilities are underused because the programs aren’t tailored to the needs of the residents or the facility. I’ll work with your fitness/activities coordinators to determine if, and how, you can improve the quality of your fitness programs, while improving safety for residents.
  • An assessment of the equipment in your facility-It’s essential that seniors, especially those in assisted living facilities, have access to appropriate equipment, like weight machines, resistance bands, mats, and other accessories. As part of this assessment, I’ll review your exercise equipment, the layout of the fitness room, and how it’s being used. I’ll make suggestions for how you can improve the quality of your fitness facility and the experience residents have with your fitness program.

The possible recommendations you may hear as a result of my assessment include:

  • Recommendations on how you could change, add, or extend the life of your exercise equipment.
  • Suggestions about how you market your fitness programs among the residents within your facility.
  • Strategies for incorporating a quality assurance program within your facility for those teaching or training clients.
  • Implementing new class design and formats to encourage safe and well-rounded exercise.
  • Offering fitness and wellness seminars with various themes throughout the year to educate and motivate your residents and employees.
  • Retraining of your activities personnel to teach classes effectively and safely.

Senior living facilities managers have a difficult challenge: Offer health and wellness programs that allow their residents to exercise safely.

Too often, seniors, who face difficulties with balance and other ailments, want to undertake exercise programs that may be risky for them or the facility.

I want to help you address this and other issues that arise when you offer fitness programs to senior citizens.

I believe in the power of regular exercise to inspire, motivate, and lift the spirits of people in assisted living facilities. It is my passion to help your residents get the most from their lives and their exercise programs.

My Fitness Assessment Program is a first step in that process.

If you want to learn more, please call me or send me an email.