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Whether you are running a household or a business, sign up for our seminars to get motivated, energized, and excited about the year ahead.

Learn how to enhance your fitness and enrich your life. Reduce stress, improve nutrition, and increase body awareness. Integrate your fitness goals into your life, dispel myths about fitness and wellness, and empower yourself. Recognize and tap into your unique abilities and strengths, and learn how to continue this resolution for life.

6 Weeks: $149

Call to find out more or sign up (508) 366-8700, or send me an email.
Combine this program with a fitness class and save!

Living a Better Life – Seminar Series
Fundamentals of Stress Management
How to Design Your own Fitness Program
Integrate Fitness into Your Work and Home Life
The ABCs of Healthy Eating
Unlock Your Hidden Strengths
How to Stay Motivated to Achieve Your Wellness Goals

This series is offered in our studio, but we can also arrange to bring it to your business site.